10 Ways to lower your cost

1 Material--Do you really need this made from gold ?

2 Tolerances--I can hold 0.0002 but will this work just fine if I hold this to 0.010 ?

3 Due Date--Do you really need the parts tonight or will next week do just fine ?

4 Repeated customers--I know what my customers’ needs are, and can help with newer designs.

5 Drawings and plans-- If you can provide your own designs and plans you save money, and we all save time.

6 Sample Parts- As the saying goes " A bird in your hand is worth two in the bush " in other words, show me what you want and I can give you perfection in finding flaws in the designs that might not show on the drawing .

7 Pickup and delivery-If you have the time to pick up and deliver, it provides us with the        opportunity to machine your dreams.

8 Do all surfaces need to be completely machined- Not necessarily, depends on the function it will serve.

9 Multiple parts-

10 New part or repair part-Consider having DesertMachineUSA repair the part instead of machine a whole new part.